The Insiderz played at a private party on Saturday. It was a venue that Stuey assured me I’d played at before. I searched my memories and couldn’t recall Pencoed Rugby Club. But when we got there, sure enough, I had a vague memory of a gig many years ago as a four piece with a keyboard player.

Stuey, Luc and I travelled in the Insiderz fun bus (also known as Stuey’s van) and got to the venue with plenty of time to spare. As we got all the gear in, and as Chris started to set the drums up, it became clear that my little space was going to be extremely tight. I’m used to fitting into corners and alcoves. My compact dimensions mean that I am suited to such small places. But this was tight even by normal standards.

We were ready to go with plenty of time and I could see Luc and Stuey eyeing up the buffet. But they were very restrained and instead we sat and swapped tales of gigs gone by. Then it was time to play and we went on to do a 45 minute first half. It was good again – Chris had set up a monitor so that he and I could hear the vocals and that made a huge difference to the harmonies. Instead of wondering if I was in tune, I knew I was and could therefore experiment a bit more. The result was some great three part harmonies on some of the songs.

During the break, we were talking to some guy that seemed to own every classic instrument going, and who knew every top musician in the area. I don’t know whether that was true, but I was more interested in listening to the recording of the first half I’d made to see how I could improve the placement of the microphones.

The second half was just as good and we kept it tight and sharp and there were more good vocals. The usual measure – dancers – were in abundance from fairly early on, which always lifts the band. Just over 45 minutes later, we finished and were able to pack up and go fairly quickly.

In the van on the way home, the conversation turned to the end of the world  (22 December – we’re in the West End pub in Gorseinon) and how all the sings and portents are there. And them, as we neared home, the lights in the sky re-emerged. We used to see a lot of lights in the sky but over the last year they seem to have largely disappeared. But there were two – looking like two very bright stars above the horizon. But it was cloudy. The end of the world?

No. The end of two large cranes over the local hospital.

Stuey and Luc

The temptation of food proved too great for some


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